ladislav vlna


Ladislav Vlna 1976

1999 – 2005   Prague Academy of Fine Arts prof. Karel Stretti

1992 – 1996   The Secondary School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště

For the past fifteen years, he has been perfecting a unique technique he has developed and coined "metallurgical painting." In this technique, images are burned onto the steel plates without the use of any other materials. The drawing is engraved in the material, and the colors are annealed by the very core of the steel and its essence. An important role in the perception of the image is caused by incidental light and therefore the work looks different at different times of the day. His journey to this technique led through his father's locksmith's workshop, where he often helped during his childhood. He was fascinated by how the colors of the metallic materials changed when exposed to fire. Vlna explaines: “It's hard to keep a steel plate on the plane when you look at it with fire. Getting to the surface of the colors you want, exactly where you want, and keeping it all together is a very challenging but beautiful process. Everyone who works with iron knows it well.”

He focuses mainly on figures and portraits, but also technical and architectural compositions.

Solo exhibitions

2021   Polarity, Galerie Art Concept - Mánes, Praha

2020   Love or Fight Galerie The Whitw Room, Pragovka, Praha

2020   Eye (A)VOID Gallery Praha

2020   Under water (A)VOID Gallery Praha

2019   Metallurgy, Gallery UffO, Trutnov

2019   Fire in a machine, Gallery Gambit, Prague

2018   For founders, Gallery of critics, Praha

2017   Mill II, Galerie The Whitw Room, Pragovka art district, Prague

2016 Mill, Cafe Mlýnská, Prague

2013   People of the sea, STS Frederic Chopin, Sczecin PL

2013   People of the sea, Ship Tajemství, Prague

2011   Head23, Theather Husa na provázku, Brno

2010   Head23, Gallery Nová síň, Prague

2012   Installation of bust of Raoul Wallenberg, Naples Florida USA

2010   Installation of the statue of Watchmen, Theater Husa na provázku, Brno

2009   Installation of the statue of Vlasta, Theater Husa na provázku, Brno

2007   Three colors, Gallery Nová síň, Prague

2007   Installation of a memorial plaque for RNDr. Zdeněk Kvíz Csc. Třebíč

2007   Balt 12, Gallery Fotografic, Prague

2006   Installation of a memorial plaque RAF pilots, Třebíč


Group exhibitions

2021   Kolaborace, Pragovka, Praha

2021   Art Prague Sculpture, The Chemistry Gallery, Dům Radost Praha

2020   Art Prague fair, The Chemistry Gallery, Praha

2020   LaArt Show, Los Angeles, USA

2019   Illusion Art Museum, Old Town Square, Prague

2019   London Contemporary, The Line Contemporary Art Space, London, GB

2019   Art Prague fair, Republic square 7, Prague

2019   Just Kids, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

2019   Flying Inn, Pragovka art district, Prague

2018   Art Prague Fair, Clam-Gallas palace, Prague

2018   Kolben open, Pragovka art district, Prague

2018   Truth of the Material, Delusion of the Image, Gallery of critics, Prague

2017   Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton collection

2017   About the art of war, City gallery Pardubice

2017   String on the castle, Špilberg castle, Brno

2017   Acta Erotika, Gallery Opletalka, Prague

2017   Prague Now, Clam-Gallas palace, Prague

2017   With wings, Pragovka art district, Prague

2017   Kolben open, Pragovka art district, Prague

2016   Sexy, Pragovka art district, Prague

2014   Art Prague, Kafka house, Prague

2014   Kingdom for horses, City Gallery Pardubice